I feel that sharing intimacy with others is an essential part of the human experience and that it’s important for everyone to have the option to feel connected with others. Sometimes being able to make this connection is hard though. Physical limitations, personal history, self-image, and even lack of experience can create seemingly insurmountable obstacles to establishing and maintaining healthy intimate relationships. These obstacles aren’t insurmountable. It is very important for me to share that with others. To give hope. To be the step up that makes the obstacles seem a little more manageable.

Surrogate partner therapy offers individuals a unique, tailored space in which to safely explore trust, communication, emotional intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality. Each of these pieces are both important in their own right and also essential in how they interconnect to influence healthy relationships. During surrogate partner therapy, we work on all of these elements, but I feel the most important parts are the reactions and realizations

that come in the days and weeks following each session. 


What can be learned about your self-image? Your value system? Your comfort levels? How does it feel to be more connected to your body and its responses? Most importantly, what are the internal dialogues that rise out of these answers as they shift? How do those answers change how you interact with others? Do they make you feel more fully “you"?

In the end, it’s not about sexuality or romance. It’s about being your authentic self, owning who you are, and being able to share that with others in any way you choose. 


I welcome the opportunity to be a part of the growth process in which that authenticity is found and can be shared with others long after the therapy is complete.

- Brian Gibney