Surrogate partner therapy refers to a specific type of therapy in which an individual seeks the help of both a therapist and a surrogate partner in order to overcome obstacles that prevent the individual from establishing or maintaining healthy emotionally and physically intimate relationships. To learn more about surrogate partner therapy, please follow the links below.


Surrogate partner therapy begins with an individual who is seeking help with issues related to emotional or sexual intimacy. Ideally, the individual is currently seeing a licensed therapist. If you are not, you will also find therapists supportive to SPT in my resources section.  You may also read more about the process on the IPSA website. There you will find more extensive information about the benefits of SPT as well as resources and contacts. If you are a potential client or therapist and have any questions about the process or my work specifically, please feel free to contact me.   

If a therapist and client have already decided that SPT is needed to accomplish the client's goals, the therapist may reach out to IPSA at to be matched with a surrogate partner. If you have been introduced to my work specifically and would like to work with me, please send a request to the IPSA referrals officer.