Surrogate partner therapy refers to a specific type of therapy in which an individual seeks the help of both a therapist and a surrogate partner in order to overcome obstacles that prevent the individual from establishing or maintaining healthy emotionally and physically intimate relationships. To learn more about surrogate partner therapy, please follow the links below.


Sessions are modeled after those used by Masters and Johnson during their pioneering work with treatment of sexual disfunction and refined by IPSA over forty years of practice. Though each client's needs are different, the sessions in SPT will always address the normalization, education in, and practice of activities and philosophies essential to the creation and maintenance of happy and healthy  intimate relationships. These sessions therefore include developing communication skills, practice in relaxation, developing self awareness, authentically expressing needs, and becoming sensually, erotically, and sexually engaged.


Session schedules are designed to fit the client's needs and can range from one hour a week to more condensed, intensive sessions.