Surrogate Partner Therapy

Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT) refers to a specific type of therapy in which an individual seeks the help of both a therapist and a surrogate partner in order to overcome obstacles that prevent the individual from establishing or maintaining healthy emotionally and physically intimate relationships. 

What is SPT?

Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT) is a hands-on approach to helping individuals work through various obstacles that inhibit them from having happy and healthy intimate relationships. In SPT, a team is formed between surrogate partner, client, and licensed therapist in order to help the client achieve their goals. In this balanced team, the therapist provides support through their experience and education while maintaining an ethically responsible therapist-client relationship. The surrogate partner utilizes concrete exercises, provides emotional support, and models healthy views of intimacy and sexuality to provide a holistic therapeutic treatment. 


The work in SPT consists of structured and unstructured exercises to model communication and self-awareness, become more relaxed and self-aware, and increase knowledge and skills pertaining to intimacy and sexuality. In time, the obstacles that were once inhibitors are mitigated; and new self-confidence, communication skills, and awareness lay the foundation for future intimate relationships.